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The so-called "groupies", as the name suggests, is a crowd chasing stars, most of them are young people, there is a fashion attitude, chase, cult film and TV stars, and sports stars. More women worship male stars, more boys worship female star. A key school to do a survey of 900 students of the school. "Who do you admire most of the problems, 86% of the students fill in the worship of the film star. There are a lot of students can be regarded as" groupies ". From the movie star Zhou Runfa, Maggie Cheung to star Madonna, Jackson... Then, to star Michael Jordan Ronaldo. These "Star" in the light of fans in the eyes of shining charm. For their chase star, or his idol, the students watch every movie he starred in, listen to every song he sings, on his game more is a missing. Not only that, they also buy crazy idol album, album, all information collected from an idol; birthday, height and weight, hobbies, clothing brand to love romance. Familiar.

"Zhuixing" advantage is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1 set ambitious goals

2 to learn from their idols, there is power

3 develop your own interests

The students themselves Starchaser. There is a no ground for blame an idol, a spiritual sustenance, tired of learning thought, let the nerves, is also a positive work and rest. Starchaser is a normal psychological needs and behavior of middle school students, idolatry is one of the psychological characteristics of adolescence, adolescence is a reflection of psychology to the stage of development. The law of life, this phenomenon is not worth. Get excited over a little thing dialectically, Starchaser for teenagers, has its positive side, because I star is a learning society of young people, who through the observation of the stars, imitate, have a lot of social life, knowledge, the open field of vision, active thinking, especially honorable. Can be a good example for young people. So, wise teachers, do not generally oppose children Starchaser, but to guide rational children Starchaser.

Idol worship is the pursuit of life experience of young people, is an important proceof life, each time the young people have their own goals, life goals and the pursuit of idols in the eyes of the fan as well. Therefore, the phenomenon of Starchaser and idolatry is not to oppose, don't let things drift problems. To actively guide the rational.

"Zhuixing" fraud is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1 blind Starchaser

2 buy posters, tapes, CDs, and so on, a waste of money

3 thoughts spent on the idol, did not pay attention to learning

Negate the "Starchaser" phenomenon is too extreme, but the harm is also obvious to people engaged in. Idol on the hearts of a few "groupies" blind worship, fanatical imitation to go crazy, have a fever, faint point, it will have adverse consequences, have certain harm to the individual and society. "The Idol fans" as their spiritual support, in a trance all day, living in a fantasy world, leading to psychological balance; some "groupies" in public in order to intercept encirclement chase star, star sign, or desperately crowded scream, causing public disorder, causing injuries to ruin. "Groupies" who blindly Starchaser fans star, in order to seek happineand spiritual sustenance, transfer or reduce the interest in learning, school spirit is not centralized, go home the first thing is to listen to music watch TV, do not seriously study and finish the homework, learning Results continue to decline, and even lead to academic weariness, abandoned, abandoned. Some students are suffering from excessive worship star Starchaser "dream disease". They are middle school students, the Hong Kong stars worship spellbound, try to listen to the song of Hong Kong and Taiwan in their spare time, eat and walk also wearing a headset, often heard at night reading. The main work and other activities, have been abandoned. They soon filled only with thoughts of the singer's shadow, fantasy and star married, often insomnia, self trouble, headache, physical discomfort, psychological loof balance.

Also as a high school student because of blindly chasing Jay Chou his mother gave him to take out the money to buy a Jay Chou product, even bought a house in Jay Chou house, and spent his mother gave him all the money to go to school. Thus, it can be said the pursuit of childhood good? Is the best stage of our study, if this time to waste precious time chasing, will be many, so that we become a blank childhood memories! And the star is also ordinary people, they also have the passions, there is good or bad, but they have made some achievements in some aspects such as the book. Liu Xiaoqing, who is a known to every family a big star, but because of tax evasion and become criminals. For example, Zhao Wei, Flag of Japan wear a patterned dress, and made a fool of myself. After such a "Star" and What do you mean? The economic burden is also a big problem. If a student obsessed groupie, will be a lot about this kind of commodity, so as to increase the economic burden. The news had any of the city's more than and 100 students made such an investigation, 94% of the students had to buy idol photos poster, photo album and other such items, which often buy for 57%. I also learned a lot about this kind of goods outside the store, but the price is very expensive, like a poster in 2 yuan to 25 yuan, a CD disk is generally around 10 yuan to 30 yuan, while a the printed idol photo book mostly in the 15 yuan, 20 yuan, 30 yuan. Even a few hundred dollars there. It is for us the no income students who often buy this kind of goods will greatly increase the economic burden of parents, parents.


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股票 利弊

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